Tips for child molestation

There are many tips that can be followed to help the child to love school and school, including, preferably to help the child to perform his homework: and by following his homework, and sit with him while doing, and know what to do in school;

For example, when learning words to dictate, the ball can be used; it is thrown between the person and the child; the first pronouns are pronounced; the second word is spoken when the ball is held , The fun games can be used to study the rest of the material, and the love of the child will be observed.

The reward method can also be used. The reward method can be used to raise the child to high grades, to the effort he or she has made in school, or to any good report from the school, which highlights the importance of studying for him, making him love her and encouraging his good friendships. Friends can create a different world for children, encourage some of them to study, and want to go to school, so you should encourage your child to make a new friend or friends to develop his or her study skills.
Tips for child molestation
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