Tips To Avoid Hearing Loss

It helps to reduce inflammation, avoid alcohol use, help reduce the intake of chocolate, caffeine and sodium, and reduce your intake of sugars, especially those that encourage growth. Yeast mushroom.

You should treat your ears with antibiotics if they have any inflammation, and avoid eating saturated fats that contribute to increased ear wax. Do not take any foods you can not afford, such as wheat and dairy products, and wash your ears with a solution of vinegar and warm water, or a few drops of oxygen water, to face wax wax.

And put inside your ear inflamed or waxed a few drops of those used for the eye three times a day, do not use the ear lumbar cleansers, but use the towel, and put two to four points of garlic extract liquid and warm in the ear if infected, Both ears.

If you feel pain when moving the earlobe, you may have some ear infections. If there is no pain in the earlobe, the problem may be in your teeth, chewing gum and closing your nostrils with air blowing. Gently with your mouth closed during the landing of your plane to avoid hearing loss associated with changes in air pressure.
Tips To Avoid Hearing Loss
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