What is the treatment of Abu Shuka disease

There are medical and home remedies. One of the most important medical treatments is the use of pain relievers, such as paracetamol, which helps to relieve pain as well as to reduce the temperature rise. It is recommended to avoid aspirin-containing drugs, which may lead to the development of certain complications, Calamine is recommended to relieve itching; itching can cause scars to appear on the skin.

Medical treatments also include the use of antibiotics. If the patient is more prone to complications, the doctor may recommend some antiviral drugs, such as acyclovir, within the first 24 hours of onset of the rash, to relieve the disease of the thorn.

One of the most important home remedies that reduce the signs and symptoms of pox, drinking fluids, is usually advised to prevent chickenpox from the drought; it can be through drinking plenty of water, and avoid scratching, so as to reduce the risk of scarring the skin, and accelerate The process of healing pimples, in addition to reducing the infection, and this can be achieved by covering the hands with gloves, and cut the nails and cleaned well, and wear extensive clothing.

  It is recommended to avoid hot and bitter eating, and to eat soup or soup if chewing is accompanied by pain, the work of sodium bicarbonate bath, where sodium bicarbonate and oats can be dissolved in lukewarm water and soak the affected parts In order to relieve the feeling of itching.
What is the treatment of Abu Shuka disease
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